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Time to Revive Your High School Memories – Get Hands-On Varsity or Letterman Jacket

How we can forget the iconic varsity jacket, which is supposed to be America’s favorite-fashion outerwear. Surprisingly, this season again, we are going to welcome the trend of varsity and letterman jackets. This covered a long distance from high school to high fashion. With a huge mainstream comeback, the varsity jacket has been seen in various other styles over the years.

So, here we’ll be discussing more and more about varsity and letterman jacket and will unveil some top tips that will help you to make a mark with letterman jackets.

However, if you are curious about what is varsity jacket, we can bet you’ve seen it millions of times. And here it’s.

What is Varsity or Letterman Jacket?

Varsity jacket aka letterman, latter, or baseball ball jacket. This outerwear in appearance seems more likely to sportier essential that gives cool looks every time. When it comes to its design, it usually finds in contrast to two or more colors, woolen, collarless, leather sleeves, and with a button-closure body.

The varsity or Letterman Jacket – A Way from History to Now

The varsity jacket, we can find its traces back to 1865, when Harvard University’s baseball athletes donned up it. At that time, sports team members started to wear something specific regularly, as like their uniforms. That uniforms were basically thick-knit sweaters and looked different enough, comparatively now. A time came when the team decided to hem a huge and prominent “H” for representing them and then the first letterman jacket took birth. Of course, it garnered admiration from everywhere. Among team members, it was distributed. This letterman jacket was considered a symbol of pride and was a privilege for the athletes who wore it.

In the decade of 19s, these letter-embossed sweaters came up with some up-gradation, and then, letterman jackets emerged. Both letterman jackets and sweaters were highly popular in the colleges and young’s circles. Mid of 20th century, it’s was the time, when the letterman jacket or varsity jacket had become a must-have essential for the campus and off-the-campus. It got more popularized, as the era’s icons, for instance, Elvis Presley and James Dean, got styled in it.

Why Do You Need To Have It?

Well, as being a bona fide classic, the varsity or letterman jacket is coming with a rich history and, doubtlessly, good looks at the same time. So, if someone is seeking so as he/she can expand their collection of jackets, varsity jackets are good to invest in.

In varsity jackets, you’ll see versatility, but the colors aren’t too vibrant. They are evenly distributed with a good combination. However, one thing that needs to keep in mind that, it’s not only sportswear, but it can be called student’s formal wear. For being formal wear, you can attend team functions and award ceremonies in the college or high school.

But, wait, if you have entered in your thirties or mid-thirties, unluckily, Varsity Letterman Jackets aren’t for you anymore because it’s for young men. Although varsity jackets are more relatable to young men, people like Jay-Z and Jeff Goldblum have proved it wrong. Therefore, it’s all up to you how you style it.

The Best Brands Out There Producing Varsity Jackets

1- Nike

Nike is a giant manufacturing finest option of sportswear across the globe. You can consider it for being and offering the best in fabrics, contemporary design, and everything. Nike’s offerings must be better, whether it’s athleisure or streetwear. So, you might want to get something for your khakis and invest in something valuable; pick the Nike.

2- Champion

On the face of the earth, Champion is one who is the most experienced sportswear brand. For over a century, Champion has been the choice of the majority of Americans. Champion is famous for making well-made and classic style sports goods. Besides, Champion focused on the streetwear category, too, so you can scale up your street trendiness.

3- Zara

Zara, a fast-fashion Spanish brand, has attained much attention, as it’s every line of the collection is unimaginable and deserves praise all the way. With sophisticated designs and craftsmanship, Zara’s varsity jackets have taken the world to the storm. Clean and nicely stitched, Zara’s every piece will make you it’s stalwart.

Final Thoughts

Well, Whether varsity jacket took birth via athletes, but now it’s more than a sporty outer layer and has become a must-have wearable for campus students. Young college lads, icon Hollywood stars all seem a fan of varsity jackets. So, if you don’t have, rush to take it.

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