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Take a Look on Café Racer Jackets Before You Get Hands on It

Among various types of leather jackets, a café racer jacket is one of them that can be considered as the epitome of style and street cred. Café racer jackets effortlessly add up elegance and chicness at the same time. You can pair it with hundreds of styles. Café racer jackets are not only relatable to riding down the high way, but it’s much more than it now. With the appealing looks of café racer leather jackets, you can utterly stand out in the crowd.

Well, if we talk about the purpose of café racer jackets, they are dedicated to complete an entire look of a bike rider and are supposed to be high-end riding gear. For being lightweight and minimalist in design, café racer jackets are made to make a mark in the fashion industry. With age-old history, this is an epic piece for men that can make your impression impactful and will up it to the next level.

Historical Traces of Café Racer Jacket

Café racer Jackets that expertly give “bad boy” vibes; everyone loves them. This mainstream style got introduced to the world in the 1960s from England. When the soldiers of WW2 would use motorbikes to travel and race around in the cafes and pubs, they were required a minimalist leather jacket that could give protection, and the racers could race more perfectly. That was the time when the café racer jacket came into being.

Traditionally, it was featured with heavy horsehide and a closure with the main zipper that gave extra protection to the damn speedy racers on motorbikes. By 1956, Schott Brothers gave the café racer their own new version and named it “Leather Racing Shirt” and were being sold for just $28.95. Nowadays, people aren’t using it specifically for racing purposes, still the café racer jacket is functional, and designers are crafting it with a more refine and updated look.

Herein, we are digging deep down into the café racer jackets so as to give more valuable insight, in particular, how you can start a lookout on the café racer jacket for yourself.

What to consider for Café Racer Jacket?

1- Leather Quality

You need to never compromise on quality and never ever settle on the low when it comes to the leather quality. A premium quality leather will last for longer, and it’s only possible if you’ll invest in something worthy. So, we suggest you go after the quality and do some prior research to get more clear genuine leather characteristics.

2- Slim and Fit Jacket

After choosing a good quality leather, you need to pick the one that fits you perfectly. That shouldn’t be baggy or loose in fitting. Else, you cannot move your shoulders and arms easily. Stretching with comfort is an important thing to consider. In order to cope with this situation, you can measure your upper body beforehand. Only then you can get a great fit café racer jacket. However, a jacket must hit up to the waist and similarly its sleeves to the wrist.

3- Take a Look at Styles of Café Racer

Most likely, café racers are designed in two different major styles. Although they aren’t equally created, classic and detailed styles are the basic ones that you must consider. And then go for as per your preferences.

About classic café racer jackets, they feature pockets or no pockets comes in black and brown mostly. You won’t find them in eclectic colors like red and blue. So, black and brown are enough basic colors that will let you wear anywhere around. The other type, a detailed style, will give you the freedom of colors to choose. With little uniqueness, it comes with patches, some stitched work on shoulders and elbows, and you’ll see them in color combination. Dedicatedly, these detailed styles associate the specifically racing on long roads.

Why is Café Racer Unique?

Yes, a café racer jacket is somehow unique in its way. With these parts, café racer jackets look elegant.

A Snap Collar – Café racer comes with a small snap collar and sometimes with no collar. In its earlier time, this collar seems an issue when it was flopping in the wind.

Pockets on Chest – Some café racer jackets have two zipper pockets on the chest, and some have two straight pockets. You’ll definitely see the café racer jackets with no pockets at all. Well, the cut-thin pockets are a thing that always remains constant.

High-quality Zipper – This is the special part of café racer jackets that they are always featured with superior quality zipper. So, on rides, your jacket won’t flap.

No Extra Stuffing – It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that café racer jackets are the sleekest type among all leather jackets, it has no additional buttons or anything extra that can make them bulky.

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