Ultimate Guide To Buying A Leather Jacket
You Can Look Badass If You Have A Leather Jacket

Fashion is a lifestyle that depicts the person and its personality. The fashion sense is a mere thing that sets the persons apart in the crowd. With that said, some attires are coupled with heritage and attitude at the same time, for instance, leather jackets. Interestingly, leather jackets are versatile classic wear that does not lose their power to fascinates the eyes.

Since it arrived in the line of clothing, leather jackets have always been trending. The fascinating appearance and versatile design of leather jackets enhance your impression on a group of people. And without a leather jacket, a well-edited wardrobe is incomplete.

Where leather jackets hold across the global fan base, world-famous celebrities have been seen wearing leather jackets in the movies and even in their real lives as well. And most of you are inspired by the way of their style and would have wished to get your hands on those leather jackets worn by your favorite celebs.

However, it is true without any doubt that a leather jacket plays a big role to make you look awesome. But before getting a leather jacket of course some crucial points need to be considered. For instance:

1. Leather Quality

Quality of leather matters a lot. And it is true indeed that every jacket isn’t made of quality leather or material. As several types of fabrics are being sold these days at cheap prices in the market in the name of real leather, you must have the ability to recognize the right leather. Besides, you must understand the distinction between real and PU leather. If you’re a real leather jacket fan, we suggest you never compromise when it comes to the quality of the leather jacket. A genuine leather jacket will serve you for longer.

2. Fitting and Stitching

Fitting and stitching come at second place but they are as important as the selection of real leather. The jacket that fits you perfectly makes your looks dashing. Do not settle on the bulky or extra fit leather jacket which gives an overall bad appearance.

About size and fitting, the shoulder-length should allow you to move your arms freely and with no stiffness. Similarly, the length of the jacket should be up a little to the waistline and the sleeves to the wrist. With this fit, your leather jacket will add attitude and grace.

When it comes to the stitching of the leather jacket, it should be superior in quality. If the cutting and sewing are done properly, the leather jacket will give you a comfortable wearing experience. Besides, a double stitch jacket lasts for longer.

3. The Way You Carry

Last but not least, the style of how you carry the leather jacket is important because it adds more charm. However, it depends on you that you go for the jeans, t-shirt, and leather or you keep it formal. The choice is yours.

Your Favorite Celebs in Leather Jackets

Here, we collected some style examples carried by famous actors in history’s blockbuster movies, in which they dressed leather jackets coupled with style and elegancy.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise Appeared with Leather Jacket in Mission Impossible

In Mission impossible, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt carried a black T-Shirt with a bluish leather jacket and coupled with the jeans. Throughout the movie, his impressive looks while riding the motorbike took the hearts away of many people. This stylish look is easily adaptable and you also can dress up like him if you get awesome leather jackets from here Themes Jackets.

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling seems a big fan of leather apparel and with his looks, he has proved it right. In his super hit movie Blade Runner 2049, he came up wearing leather coats with an improvised design. Wearing a brown leather long coat attached with fur lining and shearling collar Ryan Gosling made his fans and audience crazy about long leather fur coats.

Dwayne Johnson in F8 Vest

Dwayne Johnson in F8

After achieving success in wrestling, Dwayne Johnson is the one that moved towards a filming career. And now, he is the most prosperous Hollywood actor. With that said, Dwayne played his role in F8 in which he rocked in the classic leather jacket paired with jeans and black glasses.

The Departed in Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Di Caprio in The Departed

The most handsome, charming, and legendary Leonardo Di Caprio has been often seen attired in the classic leather jackets on the screen and off the screen. His sobber looks and obsession with leather jackets make us love and compel to get the leather jackets every time he wears them.

Final Words:

Leather jackets are the most vital part of a well-edited wardrobe. By wearing leather jackets will make you look awesome and badass at the same time.

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