Shipping Guideline for Tjackets’ Consumers

Our shipping guild lines fulfill the purpose to make our consumers aware of our nature of business and how we bring the products to our valuable consumers.

Delivery Duration

Tjackets takes 10-12 business days to deliver your orders to your doorstep. However, because of the COVID situation, our customers may experience slight waits in their orders. But the time frame will be given. If your order does not arrive on that granted period, we suggest you contact us at [email] to get answers to your queries. We will be pleased to assist you in your cause.

Shipment Process

The line of products we deal with is stored in a warehouse situated in [place]. We are an overseas business that aims to dispatch your custom orders in the given time frame. For shipping your orders, we may express courier services, for instance, DHL and FedEx.

However, if you are not able to receive the parcel at the arrival time, please make sure to contact us at [email] so as to reschedule your shipment. Apart from it, you can ask someone to receive and sign your order for you.

About Tracking Orders

Our consumers get notified via email as soon as their orders are shipped from us. With the help of these details, they can track their order packages all the way from our warehouse to the local courier service. This process goes on until the delivery time.

In Case of Damage or Defect

We put our full potential to deliver you seamless and defect-proof item (s). However, if you find any faulty piece or item, we will help you in this cause. You just need to get in touch with us within 3 respective days.